ONIVO presents :


THE new accessory for smart phones and tablets

  • take the best SELFIES with your colleagues

  • use your GPS in the car

  • view RECIPES in your kitchen

  • watch a FILM in the TRAIN or PLANE

  • follow a MAKE-UP tutorial 

  • practice music lesson

  • to succeed in a dance performance
    or practice an exercise

  • discuss with colleagues abroad
    hands free 

  • And much more...

The idea... the innovation !

A sticker so small but so strong and solid that it supports up to a kilo. Such a sturdy sticker but so delicate that it does not leave stain after its removal. A sticker so delicate but durable that you can use more than a thousand times !


“Go ahead, stick it to the wall ! Let’s take a selfie ! “

As soon as you will use it, Onistik will not stop impressing you and will attract attention ! Unique and exclusive in Canada at Onivo Expo !


Onistik with your logo !


Yes  ! We can put your logo on the visible surface of our Onistik. The packaging will be also in the colors of your organization. You can now offer an Onistik with your logo to your customers ! Ask for our price list.



I am a new, unique, different accessory. I have an attractive design and help you to change forever your relationship with your mobile device.


I adhere to any smooth surface that is not wet due to the special formula of my gum. No stain leave no trace and thanks to me you can put your device in unimaginable places.


Make yourself the best selfies and videos, use your GPS, follow a tutorial makeup, do not miss a second of your favorite series... and enjoy your device through new possibilities !



  1. Open the pack.

  2. Clean and dry the back side of your device.

  3. Remove the liner from the adhesive side of your ONISTIK.

  4. Stick it on your device.

  5. Remove the liner from the inner side.

  6. Use the Onistik on all types of surfaces.

  7. Close the sticker after use.



  • ONISTIK uses a special patented adhesive that leaves
    no stain, mark or dirt, once removed from the surface where
    it adheres.

  • You can use it on glass, mirrors, plastic, wood, cement, tiles... and generally any surface smooth and compact.

  • It is not recommended to use it on freshly walls or painted paper, as some small parts of paint or paper could remain attached to the sticker.

  • It does not stick in wet or damp surfaces.

  • To remove the device from the location where it is attached, rotate it lightly and gently to one side and immediately pull it towards you to detach it.

  • Do not make the rotation abruptly because it can leave a
    mark on any surface like glass or mirror and damage the rubber sticker.

  • ONISTIK can be used on the majority of mobile devises cases or protectors without removing them. You can remove the Onistik  without damaging your accessory.


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