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Unique Gift Boxes


Personalized unique gifts! Onivo Expo’s offered a turnkey concept, from assembly to direct delivery to you client/employee.


Boxes can have all the possible shapes and graphics of your choice. The inside of the box, the arrangement of the gifts, the choice of color and types of packaging... are aspects we also take care of! Always having in mind your budget. Onivo Expo always propose high quality elements in order to make the gift unique and enhance the feeling of belonging to the company team.

Our workshops are ideal to proceed with the realization of thousands of boxes. On a time or quantity basis, anything is possible! We have the space, the resources, the team and the expertise to realize these large-scale projects.

We can prepare the pallets for delivery by truck for all distances. Also prepare each box and send them by mail of all types. 

The goal is still to provide you with a turnkey service!

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