Doctor Expo


Doctor Expo analyze for you the structures of your exhibits! If it is repairable and reusable, why get rid of it ?


If we can save costs, this is the fifirst goal! Whether for repair or replacement of parts on a banner stand or repair a pop up, we will offer diagnostic and costs and also the probable life of it. You can then decide whether to repair or buy new!


If you decide to go with new and we believe your booth still good and sustainable, Onivo will do the repairs at its own expense and we give them to a non-profifit organization mentionning also your name !


Reuse, recycling and all it goes with generosity! Contact us to know the details!

Green Program


The Onivo team is sensitive to various green policies. We start by simple gestures internally to print on recycled paper and installing recycling bin for our daily use of recyclable materials... But that’s not all!


We apply these rules and even on all the products we recommend... to the choice of eco solvent printers * we print all your projects. We manage our recycling cartridges responsibly by following to the letter the program manufacturers.


We are constantly looking for new innovative media.

* Certifified by Energy Star label attesting Roland ECO-friendly use of the environment and long life Eco Sol MAX is odorless and contains no VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds - Volatile organic residues], not therefore requires no special ventilation or equipment. Doctor Expo analyze for you the structures of your exhibits! Reuse,recycling and all it goes with generosity!


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